Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our Achievements as a group! ✌

Photos of our prototype:

Photos of the process in building the prototypes:

Our presentation slides, as well as our video:

What we have achieved personally and academically as a group: Through this project we have achieved a lot in both personally and academically. Firstly personally we have grown closer and currently are able to understand another more easily. We have also learnt many team working skills and are now able to work in a team more easily as in communication wise and thoughts wise we are better at it now. 
We have learnt a many different things that would help academically in a student’s life. This include the skills of:
  • During our experience in NTU, we spent too much time in thinking of possible ideas we can carry out, rather than actually experimenting and drawing boundaries that we could do. Thus, we could have managed our time beforehand in order to complete our work on time.
  • Teamwork/Co-operation
  • Quality of Work
  • Communication
We modified the base to optimize the smoothness of the ramp, helping the car travel a much more further distance. As you can see from the picture the ramp has incorporated a a hinge to prevent from being pulled out or pushed out of position. It helps to steady the position of the ramp thus we were able to conduct the experiment without having to rearrange the ramp every time after each. The hinge consists of eye screws, we connected them together by stringing them together. This enabled the freedom of movement of the ramp while keeping it in position. We put in one of the eye screws by first hammering it into the base to create a whole and then started to screw it by hand. When it got to difficult to screw it by hand we use a chopstick as a lever. The other eye screw was super glued to the ramp. Thus forming the awesome hinge (copyright: Matthew Goh). At the end of the ramp we put one last eye screw, and we tied one end of the string 

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