Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Members of our group ☺ (It's Our Team!)

Group Name: 10C minus 3

Group Members:
- Matthew Goh    (S202, group leader)
- Kashyap Shroff (S202)
- Siddharth           (S202)
- Ben Ng              (S202)
- Balram               (S203)
- Genevieve Foo  (S204)
- Jing Yi               (S204)

Project Supervisor: Assoc Professor Sridhar Idapalapati

Teacher Advisors: Mr Edwin Lim and Mr Soh Wee Peng

Here's a group photo:

Pre-Camp Reflection Questions

Pre-camp reflections

Read the introduction, objectives and theoretical background to the project and then answer the following questions:
  •      What interests you about this project?
  •       What do you want to learn by doing this project?
  •       What questions do you have about this project?
  •      What do you personally want to have achieved by the end of this project?